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Buffalo Football Beat — A background

Digital-based coverage across the country has grown tremendously in recent years. Despite that, none have taken hold of the western New York market. Buffalo Football Beat is the lone digital publication with daily Buffalo Bills beat access. No other digital outlet in the area reports in the locker room, from the sidelines, in the press box, and in the media room in Orchard Park and we do not require a subscription. Buffalo deserves an outlet to focus on their digital needs as a sports town. Buffalo Football Beat was created by Nick Wojton, who also contributes Bills news and other coverage to WNY publications such as the Batavia Daily News, Niagara Gazette, and Daily Messenger in Canandaigua.

Products & services

As a digital outlet, Buffalo Football Beat is formatted for desktop, tablet, and mobile usage to bring consumers their Bills news in whichever way the consumer desires throughout the entire year — not just during the season. Additionally, news is brought to the consumer in the most diverse way possible, which includes written daily beat news and feature articles, breaking news referenced by ESPN and other reporters, video interviews and highlights, photography and podcasting.


No need to wait for the paper in the morning and no extra subscriptions to sign up for. You won’t be waiting until the evening news on TV. Buffalo Football Beat has the latest news, all in one place, delivered in multiple ways with speed and right to the consumers fingertips. You can be there with us.

Since our launch in November, our viewership has grown each month. Sponsors using Buffalo Football Beat as an advertising outlet will help journalism in the western New York area grow in a new way as well as benefiting themselves. Digital advertising allows your business to be seen at any moment, day or night. So how will you help journalism grow? Buffalo Football Beat’s plan is to change its name.

Yes, change it. Western New York loves its sports, but we can’t be everywhere… yet. With your help, we can be in the future. Let’s give Buffalo the coverage it deserves.

For more information, contact buffalofootballbeat@gmail.com.