Smokescreen or interest? Report indicates connection between Buffalo Bills, QB Josh Allen

It’s widely assumed the Buffalo Bills will be seeking a quarterback at the 2018 NFL draft, even all the way in Denver.

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While a reporter in the Denver market for 1340 AM, Benjamin Allbright has had a knack for Bills related reports, specifically those involving quarterbacks and the NFL draft.

In 2017, Allbright was first to report the Bills were interested in Nathan Peterman. Buffalo went on to draft him in the fifth-round.

During a live Facebook stream on FANTOM on Tuesday, Allbright reported on the Bills and an interesting scenario brewing between the organization and a potential top quarterback, Wyoming’s Josh Allen.

Allbright has reported on the Bills and Allen as far back as February, but on the broadcast, he said that many are having the Bills “interest” in Allen “thrust” upon them.

Allbright said he’s unsure at this point if it’s legitimate interest or a smokescreen in which the Bills would actually interest in other quarterbacks, namely UCLA’s Josh Rosen or USC’s Sam Darnold.

Here’s Allbright’s full response:

Well the Bills are trying to move up into the top-five of the draft. Allbright said. “Their likely target there in the top-five of the draft, obviously is going to be a quarterback. Either [Sam] Darnold, Josh Allen, or Josh Rosen. Allen is a guy that they have deliberately leaked they were interested in. Whether that’s true information or not? I couldn’t tell you. But I can tell you that several people I’ve spoken with, have had that information thrust upon them.

So take that how you will. Whether or not they’re adamantly trying to get out there that they want Josh Allen because they do, or because they want someone else and want to [make other NFL teams] think they want Allen? I couldn’t tell you. That’s the information that they are putting out from their side of the house. I will tell you, that the same source told me, and I tweeted it out last year, on the day, that they were going after Nathan Peterman and they did. So again, take it how you will, but Josh Allen is the name they keep repeating over there.

Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott comes off as a person who would be interested in smokescreens, often deferring until the very last minute before verifying player injuries during the season even when it appears to most the specific player won’t go. Think Tyrod Taylor pre-Colts.

But in the same sense, the Bills made it very clear at the NFL combine that they would be meeting with Rosen. General manager Brandon Beane even went as far as confirming the team will invite him to Buffalo as part of one of their 30 pre-draft visits.

Round and round the rumors go.


Wyoming QB Josh Allen — USA Today photo


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