“Kelly Tough” wristbands return to support Jim Kelly in cancer fight

Last week Buffalo Bills fans were handed a punch to the gut as former quarterback Jim Kelly announced he will once again be fighting for his life.

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The Hall of Famer’s oral cancer has returned.

Like in 2014 when he was first diagnosed, 26 shirts is in Kelly’s corner once more, selling “Kelly Tough” wristbands again.

The wristbands are $7 each with free shipping and 26 shirts will make a donation to Kelly’s foundation, the Hunter’s Hope Foundation, from each sale.

According to 26 shirts founder Del Reid on Twitter, soon after Kelly’s recent announcement there was a demand for the wristbands, however, the manufacturer of the bands from 2014 went of business and a new producer had to be located.

A new supplier has since been located and items will begin shipping in the near future.

The Kelly family helped with the wristband design, per the 26 shirts website.

Click here for more information and the wristband sale page.


26 shirts photo of “Kelly Tough” wristbands


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