Bills LB Preston Brown said he’s open to joining Patriots this offseason

Oh no, not again.

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The Buffalo Bills have been a pipeline to the New England Patriots in recent years. Players such as wide receiver Chris Hogan, cornerback Stephon Gilmore, and running back Mike Gillislee have all jumped shipped from the Bills to the Patriots in one way or another.

Linebacker Preston Brown could be the next.

According to the Boston Herald, Brown, who will be an unrestricted free agent come March 14, said he’s open to the idea of joining the Pats.

“I think I can definitely help the young guys they have there now,” Brown told the Herald. “They’ve got some good young talent at linebacker.”

“A lot of young guys were playing well, (Kyle) Van Noy and (Elandon Roberts) played well. They definitely have some things they can work on like we all do, but I think I can help that defense get better,” Brown added.

According to Herald reporter Jeff Howe, New England head coach Bill Belichick is familiar with Brown from Brown’s pre-draft process.

Brown did admit in the article that seeing former teammates line up for the Pats is “a little weird,” but he’d be open to it.

“:Anytime you can play for one of the best franchises in NFL history, it’s obviously going to be an option,” Brown said.

The 25-year-old linebacker also discussed the woes the Bills have had for the majority of his time in the NFL, citing having to play the Patriots twice a year as a reason why.

“I think one of the biggest reasons is you’ve got to play the Patriots twice a year,” Brown said. “That’s something you talk about in OTAs, minicamp. You’re talking about the Patriots and how you’ve got to defend them.

“Just working on those option routes, all those plays that I get throughout that game. I’ve got to make sure I can defend it. That helps me translate it because we know what we’re going to see with the Patriots,” Brown said.

However, even to a Boston-based publication, Brown did mention a bit of conflict he’d have with joining the Pats.

“I used to talk to (Gilmore) a lot during the free agency part to see what he was going to do,” Brown said. “Then all of a sudden, he signed with the Patriots, and I stopped talking to him a little bit. I definitely was excited for him. He was doing great. We saw him the first couple weeks, and all the Buffalo fans were a little happy that he was getting burnt sometimes. I was like, ‘Gilmore is going to be all right.’ He turned it around and went out there and had an amazing game in the Super Bowl.”

Brown was a third-round pick of the Bills in the 2014 NFL draft. Last week Brown told SiriusXM NFL Radio that the Bills had reached out to his agent to discuss a contract extension.

The team has yet to announce that they’ve reached a deal with Brown though. Brown lead the NFL in tackles in 2017 with 144, while added three passes defended and one fumble recovery.



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