Tyrod a Bronco? Cordy a Giant? CBS Sports includes both Bills moves in bold 2018 predictions

There’s still a lot of pending roster moves in the NFL offseason ahead. Some will be small, some will be big.

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CBS Sports analyst Jason La Canfora predicts that two on the bigger side of the scale will involve the Buffalo Bills. First, La Canfora predicts that the Bills will move on from quarterback Tyrod Taylor by trading him to the Denver Broncos for a fifth-round pick.

Here’s what La Canfora said about the potential move:

Perhaps you have to give the Bills a higher pick based on playing time/production for Taylor, but he’d be a quality bridge quarterback while John Elway tries to find a franchise guy in the draft. Taylor does not turn the ball over, which would be a great starting place for the Broncos, and he fits the mold of the Elway/Gary Kubiak mobile passer on the bootlegs and waggles. In the end, the Bills may be forced to cut Taylor, because other teams aren’t buying that Buffalo will pay him another $16M this season after benching him in a playoff run for Nathan Peterman a year ago. But I don’t see the Broncos landing Cousins and who knows what AJ McCarron will actually be once he has to play a real game. Taylor would be a logical fit.

The move of Taylor to the Broncos fits with the latest news on the quarterback involving the Bills. According to NFL Network last week, the Bills will wait to move him until after free agency starts on March 16 and even after March 16, which means the team would pay his $6 million roster bonus he owed on that date.

However, the move doesn’t really fit the Broncos in that sense. During free agency, Denver will likely take a run at the top quarterback in Kirk Cousins. Many analysts anticipate the move happening. If that’s the case, Taylor won’t have a spot there.

Even if Cousins doesn’t happen, the Broncos have the fifth-overall pick in the 2018 NFL draft where they could select one of the top quarterbacks.

The second move La Confora predicts makes more sense. The New York Giants had problems protecting quarterback Eli Manning last year and the analyst predicts left tackle Cordy Glenn being traded to the Giants for a fourth-round pick.

Here’s what La Confora said about Glenn to the Giants, with an additional nugget about his anticipation of the Bills trading up to draft Taylor’s replacement:

Since they are clinging to Eli Manning for one more year and about to take a quarterback with the second-overall pick, might as well finally build an offensive line. Three-fifths of their beleaguered starting unit are UFAs, and landing Glenn would allow them to move Erick Flowers to the right side. Glenn ain’t super, but he is a solid starting tackle, which is an upgrade in New York. Buffalo fared fine when Glenn was hurt and they were willing to move him at the deadline and, with the Bills likely about to trade a surplus of picks to move up and draft a quarterback, getting the second pick in the fourth round could help as trade fodder or as offsetting what they give away.

Glenn was limited to six games with the Bills in 2017 due to foot/ ankle injuries and without him, Buffalo fared will with rookie Dion Dawkins, who moved from right tackle to left tackle.

Tyrod taylor

Buffalo Bills QB Tyrod Taylor — USA Today photo


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