Tre White gives advice to upcoming draftee, LSU DB Donte Jackson: Don’t intercept Gronk

It appears that Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White still isn’t over his incident with New England Patriots tight end and Buffalo native, Rob Gronkowski.

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Jane Slater from NFL Network spoke with one potential first-round pick in the 2018 NFL draft on Wednesday in LSU cornerback Donte Jackson.

One of Slater’s questions for Jackson was along the lines of what is one of the craziest pieces of advice he has gotten leading up to the April 26 draft.

Jackson’s reply included White.

“The craziest advice [White] has ever given me? Don’t intercept Gronk,” Jackson said. “[Gronk’s] going to pile drive you or something. That was the funniest piece of advice.”

The incident White is referring to took place on Dec. 3 at New Era Field. Late in the fourth quarter, White picked off Tom Brady on a pass intended for Gronkowski. The game was over as Buffalo lost 23-3. Gronk then decided to take matters into his own hands, landing a cheap shot on White:

Jackson doesn’t provide a timeline on when White’s message was transferred, but if the advice was given after the Bills played the Patriots for a second time on Dec. 24, White has certainly flip-flopped.

Immediately following the incident, White said Gronkowksi never personally apologized and added that the situation could have been worse.

“Man, it’s a joke, dog,” White said recalling the incident. “”Man, I don’t know what to say on that. I’m laying there. He snuck me with my back turned. He could have broke my neck. I mean, I got a son to raise. All that. People don’t think about that when they just react. … The guy did what he wanted to do. He is what he did. Dirty shot, so what does that make him? Dirty player. Simple.”

White was put in concussion protocol but never missed a game. Gronkowski was suspended one game.

When Buffalo visited the Pats a few weeks later, White forgive Gronkowski.

“As I had time to think about it, I knew that he wasn’t that type of player. We just honed in and moved on from it,” White said.

As prior mentioned, White appears to have changed his stance on the incident multiple times. If White has at least some about of ill-will toward Gronkowski, it’s understandable.

Tre White

Buffalo Bills cornerback Tre’Davious White — USA Today photo


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