Marv Levy says Frank Reich has ‘it’ as a coach

Hall of Famer and former Buffalo Bills head coach Marv Levy believes Frank Reich has ‘it.’

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Levy told ESPN in Indianapolis that the Colts made the right choice in hiring his former backup quarterback from their nine years together in Buffalo.

“Every time I studied Frank, the more and more I thought, ‘This guy has it,'” Levy said.

The 92-year-old spent 1986-1997 in Buffalo, while Reich was with the team from 1985-1994. Levy also admitted he put in a “good word” for Reich prior to his hiring this weekend. Reich will officially be introduced on Tuesday at a press conference.

New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels previously accepted the position and then backtracked, opting to stay with the Pats.

“I was pulling very hard for [Reich] to get the job,” Levy said. “This guy is not only a great teacher and coach, he’s such a great guy that he’ll work so well with everybody in the organization. He’s a high-character individual. He will study like you can’t believe and his preparation will be incredible.”

Interestingly, Levy said he never recalled Reich as a player he could see coaching one day. But upon visiting a Colts’ practice during Reich’s tenure as quarterback coach, a position Reich held from 2009-2010, when he was working with Peyton Manning, Levy became convinced.

“I’m thrilled that he is [in Indianapolis],” Levy said.


Former Bills coach Marv Levy — photo


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