Bills center Eric Wood on future: “Wait and see” (video)

Buffalo Bills center Eric Wood responded to questions for the first time since his bizarre retirement press conference where he did not actually use the word.

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During an in-game interview in Louisville, where Wood attended college, Wood was asked to update his injury. The Bills and Wood announced in late January that a neck injury was forcing him to retire.

According to Wood, the injury cannot be fixed with surgery or any physical therapy. The prior mentioned press conference then took place with Wood not answering questions after an hour delay.

During an in-game interview in front of a crowd of Louisville basketball fans, Wood once again said he’s still apart of the Bills and will do what he can to help them.

Wood further described his neck injury as a “wait and see” scenario.

“I’m good, I feel good,” Wood said. “I’m under contract (in Buffalo) still and I’ll do anything to help them out.”

When specifically asked if he could release any further information about his neck injury or if he was in more a “wait and see” mode, Wood took door number two.

“I’m on the wait and see,” Wood said.

Here’s the full video of Wood’s interview:


Buffalo Bills C Eric Wood — Nick Wojton photo


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