Preston Brown says he got excited Tom Brady knew his name (video)

By: Nick Wojton

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At the end of the day, it’s just a game and meant to be fun.

The Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots are bitter rivals in the AFC East who face each other twice a year.

The Pats, as they have for so many years now, are led by quarterback Tom Brady. They’re prepping for another trip to the Super Bowl where they’ll face the Philadelphia Eagles on Feb. 4.

Bills linebacker Preston Brown sat down for an interview with Jeremy Rauch of FOX19 News in his hometown of Cincinnati recently and discussed the Patriots and the upcoming Super Bowl.

Brown, always a charismatic and lighthearted player who can laugh at himself, talked about a moment he had with Brady this season.

Brown said he was taken back when Brady called him by name.

“Last game game we played him (Brady) said my name. I gave him a hug I was so excited. I was like, ‘he knows who I am!’ So that was definitely a moment for me. People on Twitter were killing me because we were losing but I was just excited that he said my name,” Brown said.

Here’s video of Brown’s sit down with Rauch:

Brown is a pending unrestricted free agent and led the NFL in tackles with 144 total. Free agency begins March 14.

Preston Brown

Buffalo Bills LB Preston Brown — USA Today photo



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