Here’s which teams picking ahead of the Bills could draft a QB

By: Nick Wojton

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On April 26, the Buffalo Bills will draft a shiny, new quarterback.


On said date, the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft will be held at AT&T Stadium in Dallas, Texas. Jerry World.

There’s still a lot that needs to be decided. With a new offensive coordinator in Brian Daboll, will head coach Sean McDermott want to move on from Tyrod Taylor? Does he believe in Nathan Peterman as the team’s future? Or will a QB be drafted by the Bills?

Buffalo has two draft picks in the first round of the draft and they’re back-to-back, No. 21 and 22. If the Bills do want to select a QB, there’s a lot of ground between them and the Cleveland Browns who draft first.

How many teams will draft a QB before Buffalo? Only time will tell, but here’s a list of teams (in bold) who might consider doing so:

No.1 – Cleveland Browns (0-16)
Depth chart: DeShone Kizer, Kevin Hogan, Cody Kessler.
Cleveland selected Kizer in the second round of the 2017 draft but with another high pick, the Browns and a QB make sense.

No. 2 – New York Giants (3-13)
Depth chart: Eli Manning, Geno Smith, Davis Webb.
Manning is 37 and there’s a reason the Giants are drafting second. Good chance his replacement gets picked.

No. 3 – Indianapolis Colts (4-12) 
Here’s to hoping Andrew Luck’s shoulders start working again.

No. 4 – Cleveland Browns (via Houston Texans at 4-12)

No. 5 – Denver Broncos (5-11)
Depth chart: Paxton Lynch, Brock Osweiler, Trevor Siemian.
All three saw playing time in 2017, so that’s not a good start for Denver. John Elway wants someone to be a clear-cut No.1 in 2018.

No. 6 – New York Jets  (5-11)
Depth chart: Josh McCown, Bryce Petty, Christian Hackenberg.
The Jets failed to tank in 2017, but they’ll still need a QB going forward.

No. 7 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-11)
Jameis Winston will continue to start for the Bucs in 2018. 

No. 8 – Chicago Bears (5-11)
The Bears have a lot invested in quarterback Mitchell Trubisky. 

No. 9 – San Francisco 49ers (6-10)
Jimmy Garoppolo aka Jimmy G appears to be very good at throwing footballs. 

No. 10 – Oakland Raiders (6-1)
Derek Carr had a poor year, but new head coach Jon Gruden said he’s looking forward to improving Carr’s game.
* The Raiders & 49ers will flip a coin to determine who drafts eight and who drafts nine.

No. 11 – Miami Dolphins (6-11)
After a year of Jay Cutler, Miami is eager to have a healthy Ryan Tannehill back (ACL). 

No. 12 – Cincinnati Bengals (7-9)
Depth chart: Andy Dalton, AJ McCarron.
The savior of Buffalo is not viewed in that light in southern Ohio. The idea is Dalton’s dead cap hit, it drops from $18 million in 2017 to $2.4 million in 2018.

No. 13 – Washington Redskins (7-9)
Depth chart: Kirk Cousins, Colt McCoy.
Cousins, if not re-signed, will be the top free agent QB on the market and Washington will need a replacement. 

No. 14 – Green Bay Packers (7-9)
Depth chart: Aaron Rodgers, Brett Hundley, Joe Callahan.
The Pack will go out on a limb and assume Rodgers will have two fully-functional collarbones come the 2018 season. 

No. 15 – Arizona Cardinals (8-8)
Depth chart: Drew Stanton, Blanie Gabbert, Matt Barkley.
Carson Palmer retired, the Cards will need another QB.

No. 16 – Baltimore Ravens (9-7)
Elite or not, Flacco will need help around him. Any playmaker here.

No. 17 – Los Angeles Chargers (9-7)
Phillip Rivers had a helluva year, finishing only behind Tom Brady in passing yards (4,515). He’s 36 but looks good moving forward.

No. 18 – Seattle Seahawks (9-7)
Russell Wilson needs some blockers.

No. 19 – Dallas Cowboys (9-7)
Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliot will be the duo in Dallas for years to come.

No. 20 – Detroit Lions (9-7)
Matt Stafford finished right behind Rivers in passing yards (4,446). 

No. 21 – Buffalo Bills (9-7)

No. 22 – Buffalo Bills (via Kansas City Chiefs at 10-6)

Potential trade-up teams:

No. 23 – Los Angeles Rams (11-5)
Turns out Jared Goff isn’t a bust. 

No. 24 – Carolina Panthers (11-5)
Cam Newton is Buffalo GM Brandon Beane’s lone QB taken in the first round… for now.

No. 25 – Tennessee Titans (9-7)
Marcus Mariota’s team moving forward. 

No. 26 – Atlanta Falcoms (10-6)
Matt Ryan will get another crack at Super Bowl redemption in 2018.

No. 27 – New Orleans Saints (11-5)
Depth chart: Drew Brees, Chase Daniel, Taysom Hill
Moving on down, Brees finished with 4,334 passing yards, behind Stafford. However, his contract has expired and he’s 39 years old. 

No. 28 – Pittsburgh Steelers (13-3)
Finding Ben Roethlisberger’s replacement is possible, but he said following their 45-42 loss to Jacksonville that he’s coming back in 2018.

Still alive in playoffs:

Jacksonville Jaguars (10-6)
The Jags insist on continuing with Blake Bortles.

New England Patriots (13-3)
Depth Chart: Tom Brady, Brian Hoyer
Depending on how the first round plays out, Bill Belichick might need to find Brady’s replacement since he’s 40. 

Minnesota Vikings (13-3)
Case Keenum, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Bradford. The Vikings are the only team in the NFL with too many QBs. 

No first-round pick:

Houston Texans (4-12)
Damn is Deshaun Watson good.

Kansas City Chiefs (10-6)
Alex Smith could be tossed aside for Pat Mahomes, either way, KC has a QB.

Sam Darnold

USC QB Sam Darnold — USA Today photo


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