5 takeaways from Sean McDermott’s end of season press conference

By: Nick Wojton

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ORCHARD PARK — The 2017 Buffalo Bills season has finally concluded as head coach Sean McDermott and general manager Brandon Beane took the podium for their season-ending press conference on Tuesday in Orchard Park.

The duo were asked a bevy of questions from western New York media members. With that, here’s the McDermott installment, five takeaways from McDermott during the season-closing presser:

Rick should worry: Perhaps the most burning question for the Bills in regard to their staff, since both Beane & McDermott are pretty safe after cracking a 17-year playoff drought, would be the status of offensive coordinator Rick Dennison. Rico doesn’t have a good outlook for him. Beane started his portion of the presser by saying the team will begin evaluating staff and players following the press conference. McDermott reaffirmed that when he was directly asked if Dennison was in jeopardy of losing his job: “I’m not going to get into speculation, and that’s what that is, speculation, on coaches or players and their future as Buffalo Bills.” Later, McDermott did indirectly give some insight into his thought practice. When asked how the QB position and OC relate to one another, McDermott said: “Well, there’s certainly a connection there. That said, at the end of the day, good coaches are good teachers and so that’s where you start and you really take it from there.” You start with your coach? WELL… 1+1=2, last time I checked. The math here? Your offense was ranked 29th + you start with your coaching? Hmm…

Sean’s QB carousel involved BB: It’s still the most confusing segment of the season. Following his decision to bench quarterback Tyrod Taylor prior to the team’s Week 12 meeting in Los Angeles with the Chargers, McDermott said the decision was his and his alone. Afterword, McDermott, in an interesting take, said: “I don’t regret the decision, I regret the result.” Well anyway, back to Tuesday, McDermott added an interesting nugget on that decision. Turns out it was not only his decision, McDermott said Beane also had a say: “I know why we did what we did. Brandon and I sat down that week and discussed what was in the best interests of this football team, like we do with every decision we make. That was, we felt, the right decision at that time for this football team.” Noteworthy. Beane apparently was OK with moving on from Taylor like McDermott was.

Paging Kelvin Benjamin: Of positions in need on the Bills roster, wide receiver is certainly up there. Jordan Matthews didn’t prove to be much of an addition and rookie Zay Jones left plenty to be desired. The team even added Anquan Boldin late in training camp before he decided to leave. McDermott was asked for a status update on wide out Kelvin Benjamin’s meniscus injury and how much it exactly hampered him:  “I’d be lying if I said he was himself [and] he was 100%. He wasn’t. This will be a big offseason for Kelvin. Brandon and I both know, and I think people around the league know, when healthy what Kelvin’s capable of doing. Unfortunately, he wasn’t healthy.” Will there likely be new faces in the wide receiver room? Yes. But I think they’re expecting Benjamin to be a big factor next year.

Cordy latest: Franchise left tackle Cordy Glenn started five games this past season, appearing in six. Seemingly since day one, Glenn had foot and ankle struggles which kept him continually sidelined. McDermott confirmed on Tuesday that Glenn did have his surgery on his foot after being placed on the injured reserved list Dec.15 and he’s currently rehabbing the surgery. Speculation around Glenn’s future in Buffalo has swirled. Could he be moved? McDermott didn’t sound extremely committal, but his statement on Glenn, to me, sounded like he could stick around: “I don’t really think there’s any air to clear other than the fact that he’s had a successful operation procedure and he’s currently rehabbing and getting himself ready for a great offseason. I think there’s a lot of positive energy around Cordy. I know more than anything he wanted to be out there down the stretch here with his teammates.” With a number of holes to fill on both sides of the ball, scuffling things around with Glenn and Dion Dawkins, his replacement, on the O-line wouldn’t be the worst idea.

Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat: In regard to recent allegations made by Jacksonville defensive end Yannick Ngakoue which suggested offensive lineman Richie Incognito used a racial slur towards him, McDermott didn’t have much to say. Following the incident, it was suggested in Jacksonville’s locker room that the chippy play was coached into Incognito and Buffalo players. McDermott was having none of it. Here’s his full response that followup allegation: “Yeah, you know what, they won the game and the whole situation to me is very unfortunate, and I’ll just leave it at that.” Translating from “process” to English, I believe that translates to: “get the hell outta here with that.”


Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott — Nick Wojton photo


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