McDermott: Fan reactions brought a tear to my eye (video)

By: Nick Wojton

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ORCHARD PARK — The Buffalo Bills flight from sunny South Beach landed after midnight in the well below freezing western New York temperatures following Sunday’s 22-16 win over the Miami Dolphins.

That didn’t stop Bills fans from welcoming their team home.

Hundreds of Bills fans welcomed the team flight home when it landed. Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott has been the playoffs. Heck, he coached in the Super Bowl.

McDermott said he’s never seen anything like that though.

“I had a chance to see some of it, the different things people shared with me,” McDermott siad. “It was really a neat thing to be a part of. Whether you’re a head coach or Joe Smith in the community, it doesn’t matter. It’s just a neat thing to be a part of and say you were there when it happened. One of the things that stand out, that brought a tear to my eye, was when they showed me the reaction of fans at different restaurants and different get together places that were going on out there. The reactions when we got in (the playoffs).

The reaction in the concourse when our fans who were at the game (in Miami) were watching the Cincinnati game countdown there that was pretty cool to watch.”

The coach also shed some light into things behind the scenes, such as the team watching the Bengals beat the Ravens and the team flight home.

“Some guys, very few, tried to catch some sleep, particularly the coaching staff because they knew it’d be an early morning. But overall, just great to see , from the attendants when we got on board, the players interacting with some of the staff members who’ve been here a long time. Who’ve carried this for awhile. It’s fun to watch the players enjoy the moment and the fellowship that went into that. And then when we landed, the pilot came on the intercom and said that the airport tower said congratulations. That was pretty cool,” McDermott said.

“Then to see the fans, incredible experience. I’ve been around it a little before, but nothing like that. Nothing like the first half hour after the game, that type of environment, that type of situation. And then also when we got back, let’s not forget. On my dashboard, I think it said it was minus-six degrees. It wasn’t 8 p.m., it was 2 a.m. and there were little kids out there. It was pretty neat,” McDermott added.


Buffalo head coach Sean McDermott — Nick Wojton video


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