Pegula: Everyone I talked to is baffled by the call

By: Nick Wojton

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Not many around western New York agreed with Buffalo Bills (8-7) wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin having his touchdown against the New England Patriots taken away.

Bills owner Terry Pegula was no exception.

While being interviewed on WGR 550 sports radio on Tuesday, the team owner expressed his displeasure.

“They obviously weren’t looking at the same television the rest of the country was looking at, were they? You know what, you can probably find somebody in this country that disagrees, and I know one guy would be Al Riveron (Former NFL Senior VP of Officiating) sitting in New York City. Everybody I talked to, and they’re not Bills fans and they’re not necessarily anti-Patriots, they’re all baffled by that call, which just wasn’t consistent with what replay is.

“Replay was developed by this league to correct obviously mistakes. And if you got to look at a play 30 times from five different angles, and keep looking at it, and looking at it and looking at it, you go with the call on the field. That’s what the league has been doing ever since replay started. As a matter of fact, Dean Blandino (Former NFL VP of Officiating), who was the head of replay last year, said last year that was a touchdown.”

The Bills eventually fell in the game 37-16. The subject at hand took place with seconds left on the clock before half time. Benjamin was thrown a fade pass to the back corner of the end zone by quarterback Tyrod Taylor. Initially ruled a score, the play was reversed after a lengthy review.

Buffalo settled for a field goal and a 13-13 tie game at half instead of a 17-13 lead.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but we have to fix it,” Pegula said. “And I’m not saying that as the owner of the Bills, I’m saying that as a football fan.”

Pegula was speaking with a team-produced Buffalo Sabres hockey show when making his comment on Benjamin. Pegula owns both teams.

To listen to the full statement made by Pegula, click here for his full segment on WGR 550. 


Buffalo Bills owner Terry Pegula — Nick Wojton photo


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