VIDEO: McDermott backtracks, names Tyrod starting QB vs. Chiefs


Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott — Nick Wojton photo

ORCHARD PARK –Buffalo Bills head coach Sean McDermott decided to the best way for his team to attack the Kansas City Chiefs this week is to jump back to quarterback Tyrod Taylor under center.

Last week, McDermott shocked the Western New York and the NFL when he pulled Taylor and started fifth-round rookie Nathan Peterman, who proceeded to throw five interceptions in the first half against the Los Angeles Chargers in a 54-24 loss last week. Overall, Peterman went 6-for-14 for 66 yards.

Taylor replaced Peterman in the second half against the Chargers and went 15-for-28, 158 passing yards, with a passing and rushing score.

“When you go through the situation, I feel like the right thing for this team is to start Tyrod,” McDermott said. “We’re in the hunt. There’s a lot of team that wish they were in the hunt.”

However, McDermott did not commit to Taylor for the long-term, saying he will once again, “evaluate.”

“Every position is the same. We evaluate every week who should be the starter,” McDermott said.

In regard to starting Peterman over Taylor last week, McDermott would not call the move a mistake.

“That’s how you get better, you play young players. They get experience and they learn,” McDermott said referencing Peterman.

McDermott even gave himself a margin of credit for trying the move.

“A lot of coaches sit on their hands and make comfortable decisions. That’s not why I’m here. I’m here to win,” McDermott said. “We’re here to sustain winning. In order to do that, you have to make those kinds of uncomfortable decisions.”

Past that, McDermott would not look back toward the Chargers, preferring to focus on the Chiefs.

“When you look at the rearview mirror in this league for too long, you lose sight on what’s in front of you. We have to focus on the Chiefs. That’s what Monday was for, put that game to bed,” McDermott said. “Anything other than our focus being on the Chiefs right now would be a big mistake. This is a good football team.”

For more from McDermott’s Wednesday press conference, see the attached video below.


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