LeSean McCoy explains why he thinks Tyrod is Bills’ best option at QB (video)

ORCHARD PARK – After being indecisive about his feelings toward rookie Nathan Peterman starting last week, Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy took a much sterner stance on Wednesday at 1 Bills Drive in Orchard Park.

He got want he wanted: Tyrod Taylor.

After watching Peterman throw five interceptions against the Los Angeles Chargers en route to a 54-24 loss last week, McCoy said Taylor gives the Bills (5-5) the best chance to win as they gear up for the Kansas City Chiefs (6-4) on Sunday.

“I think right now, he’s our best option to win. We’ll get back to the drawing board, see if we can put some points on the board, and get a win,” McCoy said.

McCoy’s reasoning is the experience Taylor and McCoy have playing together.

“I know the type of preparation he puts in, even the training we did together in the offseason. I know he puts a lot of hard work into this game,” McCoy said. “I guess I’m biased because me and Tyrod have good chemistry.

More trust (in Taylor) than anything.”

The running back also cited last week’s result.

“Considering how the game went last week. We couldn’t get clicking, we couldn’t get going. I think Tyrod does a good job of protecting the ball. He’s a veteran guy, he’s been around a little bit. I think right now it’s best if he’s in there,” McCoy said.

But McCoy said he did not have any animosity toward those around him for last, namely head coach Sean McDermott who made the choice, and Peterman, who struggled.

“If Nate went out there, coach would be the best man on earth and he’s saving our season,” McCoy said. “It’s one of those situations where, it is what it is.”

On Peterman, McCoy believes it won’t be the last time football fans have heard of him.

“The good thing about Nate, he has a bright future. He’s talented,” McCoy said. “You don’t really see rookies come in and kill it in this league. I’ve been there.”

Regardless, McCoy said he, along with his teammates, have put the situation behind them.

“It was a change, and now they change again, you can’t let it affect you. At the end of the day, we have to play the game no matter who is playing quarterback. Even if I am,” McCoy said.

Plus, it’s November and while all seems lost it ‘tis the season to be “in the hunt,” Bills fans.

“Well we’re still in the hunt if you look at it, the playoff picture,” McCoy said. “That’s the only thing I can worry about.”


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